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Bast Fiber
Hard Fiber
Flower / Bloom
Hemp Oil
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Hemp Constituents & Usage Chart

Item Description*
Hemp Fiber General term for the threadlike structure of the stem.
Bast Fiber Term for robust inner fibers of the stalk. Sturdier than the outer fibers and are used for the car interiors, burlap, & geotextiles.
Hard Fiber The hard and stiff fiber of the leaf which is used in ropes, twine, and other string-like textiles.
Flour Finely minced stem to a soft powder.
Flower / Bloom Refers to the chemical coating on the petals or stigma as well as the parts themselves, during the flowering state.
Hemp Oil The dark color crude oil when the hemp seed is pressed. Used primarily for its flavor in cooking or food and soaps.
CBD Oil Short for cannabidiol oil, the natural compound found in hemp that is mainly used for its range in medical treatments.
CBD Isolates The purest form of cannabidiol oil. Appears as a fine white powder.
CBD Stratified Isolates Refers to the crystal-like, lattice structure of purified cannabidiol oil.
CBD Customized Cocktails Refers to the customized design using Clients other ingredients
VRS CBD Customized Formulations Refers to the customized design for Client using Verax other ingredients, including proprietary ingredients and/or delivery system.

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