Verax Research Services Inc. is engaged in the improvement and development of hemp varieties for the states in which we operate, which include Tennessee, Maryland, Alabama, South Carolina, and Arkansas. It is expected that operations will commence in Q4 2019 in Georgia, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. Currently, the company is focused on establishing its first plant science research center focused on development of hemp varieties specifically for the greater Tennessee River Valley area. Verax Research Services, Inc. has partnered with an Oregon-based seed grower and provider with deep experience in the development of regional produce varieties, and with many years of experience in the development of hemp varieties in the Northwest and the Upper Plains of the United States of America, as well as in regions of Eastern Europe. The addition of a second seed grower and provider is in the early stages of discussion. The Linden, Tennessee farm is envisioned to be the location for the development of the first generations of Tennessee River Valley (TVR) hemp varieties. Selection of these candidates will start this fall with the harvest of seeds from selected plants at the farm, and from the crops of local growers that cultivated the progenitor strain.

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