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March 13, 2020by Verax Team

Wise farmers are selecting this year’s seeds right now.

The hemp industry will surely experience explosive growth in 2020 as the USDA and FDA begin to release their rules, take comments, and implement said regulations.

With the projected explosive market growth in 2020, there will be an increased number of licenses issued which equates to a much greater demand for hemp seeds.  Shortages of the best strains are likely!

Verax eMarketplace has selected and obtained some of the finest strains and varieties available with: predictable qualities associated with hemp seeds including:

  • highly feminized
  • high germination rates
  • validity-proven by COAs
  • meeting the new Federal guidelines on reduced total THC
  • and successfully grown for the past 3 -5 years.

It is highly advisable to obtain your hemp seeds earlier than later to ensure your ability to obtain the variety and quantity of hemp seeds that are best suited for your needs.

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