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Verax Hemp Transaction eMarketplace

Verax qualifies hemp suppliers and hemp buyers and certifies each company and their management. Hemp suppliers and buyers must be certified to participate in the selling and buying process through the eMarketplace. Verax serves as the interim buyer from the hemp suppliers testing, validating and certifying the raw materials and then processing or using contract processors to extract the desired ingredients which are again tested, validated and certified before being sold to Verax eMarketplace manufacturer buyers.

Verax Product Design Services

Verax utilizes its staff and consultant expertise to design products for its manufacturer clients. These manufacturer clients initially will be Over-the-Counter, Health & Beauty Aid, Cosmetic, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical companies.

Verax Product Development and Manufacturing Support Services

Properly blending hemp with other ingredients and controlling the temperature of hemp constituents during the product development and the manufacturing phase is critical. A mistake in the mixing process can yield distraction or at least degradation of the hemp constituent. During heating, THC Alpha  can convert to THC, which can yield a product with too high a THC concentration [0.3% THC],  yielding a product that is illegal today in the U.S.

Ready to start growing your hemp business?

Ready to start growing your hemp business?


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